Specialized Yoga Classes Offered

Designed to help students become familiar with the fundamental poses as well as increase your flexibility, strength and balance. Classes will vary in intensity and always include modifications.
Designed for specific sports training such as Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Biking, and Running. To help build stamina and strength in specific muscles while increasing flexibility.
Senior  YOGA
For the over 55 student who is still active and wants to enhance their quality of life by strengthening and lengthening the body to combat aging. Designed to connect and activate your
mind, breath and body.
Group Yoga Class, Specialized Yoga Classes - Sarasota, FL
Power YOGA
Chair YOGA
A gentle fitness class that effectively helps bodies remain healthy and active. Any student with physical limitations can benefit from this class. The importance of moving and strengthening all muscles are emphasized.
Chair Yoga Class, Specialized Yoga Classes - Sarasota, FL
Basic YOGA

Take a look at the specialized yoga classes we offer. Contact us at your convenience for a class that best suits your need.