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   Live virtual classes are available through Zoom

Tuesday Serenity Yoga @ 6:30pm,  Wednesday Chair Yoga @ 11am

Thursday Serenity Yoga @ 6:30pm,   Friday TGIF Yoga @ 4:30pm

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              During this pandemic with Covid-19, practicing YOGA can help 

calm your nervous system and foster peace and relaxation. 

   Whether you are alone or with family members,  

join Personal Priorities Yoga & Wellness

for an hour of breathing and

stretching to relieve

chronic pain in the muscles and joints! 


                    Have you been wanting to try Yoga?   

                     Well now is the time. All in the comfort of your home! 

                                     Protect your health and start today! 

                                  Yoga truly has helped me survive this isolation process.





Offering Private Yoga Classes and

Nutritional Counseling in Sarasota, Florida

Our 8 week Yoga and Nutrition Program guides and coaches individuals to become physically and emotionally strong.

Start now and invest in living your best life. No more complaining, just do it! 

Call or email for more information.

Protect yourself and start a healthier lifestyle. Your body will thank you.


         Susan is a certified yoga instructor with a background as a professional ballerina and a competitive athlete. She understands the importance of proper alignment and conditioning the muscles and joints to move efficiently. Always interested in the body and health, Susan graduated with a BS in Nutrition, became a Registered Dietitian and opened a private practice in NY, Grade A Nutritionists.

      Being over 50 and living in Sarasota, Susan is devoted to encouraging and teaching all ages the benefits and the importance of a healthy lifestyle with YOGA! 

Make it a Personal Priority to...

      Physically, become stronger and more balanced.

          Nutritionally, create a healthy lifestyle.

          Mindfully, live each moment with a purpose.

All yoga classes offered poolside are limited in size in order to provide individualized attention to all attendees. We focus on utilizing the body's ability to move in a simple format that can be challenging to each person for their personal practice.


Contact Susan to learn more about Yoga and Nutrition offered

                   Call or send an email to Personal Priorities Yoga and Wellness with any

questions about the classes offered for 

individual, couples, group and chair yoga sessions.

Private Instruction has the option to incorporate yoga with nutrition counseling for our 

special 8 week wellness program!!